Ksenia Ryasova
President, FinnFlare
Ksenia Ryasova
About the speaker

Ksenia Ryasova was born in Moscow to a family of engineers. In the early 1990s, she lived in Vietnam for 3 years where she studied the local production market. After returning from Asia, she began to develop her own fashion design and place orders for its production at the best factories in Vietnam.

In 1996 in Germany, she got acquainted with Raimo Aaltonen, the owner of the Finnish brand FiNN FLARE, which was popular in the Soviet Union. Here begins the period of establishing trade relations with the company.


Cooperation with Raimo Aaltonen.


She launched multibrand shops “People in new” where FiNN FLARE was represented together with Gas, Murphy&Nye, Superga, Killer Loop, Minardy. Finns, who lost the Russian market after the Soviet breakup, signed an exclusive contract with Ksenia for the supply of goods, which also gave her the right to produce clothes of her own design under this brand. Soon, the sales in the Russian market exceeded the sales in Finland.

By 2000, the Russian design bureau founded by Ksenia Ryasova created models that complemented FiNN FLARE main collection. Ryasova did not renew contracts with other brands, because FiNN FLARE sales were larger by multiple times.


She fully focused on the promotion of FiNN FLARE monobrand stores.


The head of the Russian office Ksenia Ryasova becomes the President of FiNN FLARE replacing Aaltonen.


She graduated from Instituto Marangoni, Fashion Design.


FiNN FLARE increased the revenue by 10% to $110 mln. 

Ksenia Ryasova owns 100% in FiNN FLARE. Now she has 100 own retail shops across the country and more that 200 on franchise.

She speaks English and Italian and constantly improves her professional skills studying and doing internships in the leading European institutes.